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Come and meet us!

Le 26 août 2017
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Dear Partners,

This year, the REALCAT platform is pleased to inform you about its partnership with the Europacat congress, one of the most important in the world in the catalysis field. For its 13th edition, it will take place from the 27th to the 31st of August at the Palazzo Dei Congressi in Florence in Italy. We would like to invite you to come and meet us in order to discover the REALCAT's latest innovations, and all the potentialities of this extraordinary research tool. Our booth will be located on the 4A emplacement, in the basement of the Palazzo Dei Congressi.

We would also like to invite you to come and assist to our presentations about our latest work on REALCAT (1D.2, 1D.5, SS21.6 et SS26.2). For further information see details below.

Finally, we'd be pleased to discuss with you in front of our two posters titled "Design of a multi-well plate for high-throughput characterization of heterogeneous catalysts by XRD, FT-IR, Raman, and XRF spectroscopy" and "Ethanol-to-hydrocarbons reaction : influence of textural and acid properties and mechanistic insights". They will respectively be exposed on Monday 28th and Thursday 31th, with the number P1.134 and P3.4.
Until there, we offer you to download our enclosed presentation brochure in which you'll be able to find the essential information about the REALCAT platform.

Hoping to meet you at Europacat 2017!

See you soon on REALCAT!

Communications :

- 1D.2 Promotion with soldering metals for the major enhancement of light ole n yieldin Fischer-Tropsch synthesis over iron catalysts. V.V. Ordomsky, B. Gu, Y. Luo,A. Carvalho, K. Cheng*, P.A. Chernavskii**, A.Y. Khodakov (France, *China,**Russia)

- 1D.5 Application of nanoreactors for Fischer-Tropsch synthesis. V.V.Ordomsky, Y. Chen, N. Batalha, M. Marinova, M. Imperor, A.Y. Khodakov (France)

- SS21.6 Direct fuel production from syngas on cobalt zeolite composites with intimatecontact between acid sites and metal species. A. Carvalho, N. Batalha, V.Ordomsky, N.R. Marcilio*, A. Khodakov (France, *Brazil)

- SS26.2 One step sustainable synthesis of adipic acid. A. Mazzi, S. Paul, F. Cavani, R. Wojcieszak (France)